How to Pay with Bitcoin at Amazon

Amazon is one of the best places to shop online, and in this article we will outline a few ways to pay with bitcoin on amazon.

Bitcoin has been around for a decade but continues to struggle with adoption. More companies and organizations are adopting Bitcoin as a form of payment to help boost their customer base. However, some companies are yet to take a stance on Bitcoin, and Amazon is one of them. Despite that, crypto enthusiasts can pay for products on Amazon using Bitcoin. Let us see how you can do that.

Moon extension for amazon payments using BTC

Moon, a cryptocurrency payment processing company, recently launched its browser extension which allows people to pay for goods on Amazon using Bitcoin. According to the CEO of Moon, Ken Kruger, the extension will have a QR code which you can scan to make payments. It will also have the lightning invoice for those that can’t use the QR code for some reason.

  • To make use of the service, first, log in to your Amazon account

  • Search for the product you wish to buy and fill all the necessary information

  • Proceed to check out and click on the Moon extension on your Chrome browser

  • The extension will display a QR code and a BTC address where you will deposit your payment

  • Once your payment is sent, Moon processes it using Lightning Network in a matter of seconds.

  • That’s it. Amazon will notify you that your order has been placed and your product will be delivered to you.

Moon made it clear that merchants are not directly accepting Bitcoin. Instead, the payment processor converts your Bitcoin to fiat currency before paying the merchants, thus, serving as an interface that allows Bitcoin payment on Amazon.


Spectrocoin is another platform that allows you to pay for goods on Amazon using Bitcoin, albeit indirectly. Although Amazon doesn’t accept Bitcoin, it accepts gift cards. You can use Bitcoin to purchase gift cards on Spectrocoin, which can then be used to pay for products on the e-commerce platform.

  • The first step is to open a Spectrocoin account and fund it with Bitcoin

  • Click on the withdraw button and choose the “Top-up and Vouchers.”

  • Choose the country you are ordering from (gift cards can only be used at their locations)

  • Scroll to the shop section and choose Amazon store and purchase a gift card

  • Verify the transaction and receive your voucher card

  • Log in to your Amazon account and select the product you wish to purchase

  • Proceed to checkout and choose Amazon gift cards as your payment method.

  • Input the voucher code, and your order will be processed.


Paybis is another platform that allows people to purchase Amazon gift cards with Bitcoin and use them to pay for products on the e-commerce platform. To purchase an Amazon gift card on this platform, follow the following steps:

  • Register and log in to your Paybis account

  • Initiate a new transaction and choose Bitcoin as the left column while Amazon gift cards on the other column

  • Ensure that the exchange rate is correct

  • Complete the transaction, and you will receive your Amazon gift card code via email

  • Use the code to pay for products on Amazon.



Gyft is a digital gift card platform that allows people to buy Amazon gift cards using BTC. Purchasing gift cards is easy on this platform; all you have to do is:

  • Choose the desired gift card (in this case, Amazon)

  • Pick Bitcoin as your payment option

  • Use your Bitcoin wallet to pay for the cards

  • Receive the voucher code and use it to pay for products on Amazon.


This platform allows users to buy Amazon gift cards using Bitcoin or a few other selected altcoins. To do that, you will have to

  • Create a new Amazon order, fill in the amount, and choose Bitcoin (or other cryptos) as your means of payment.

  • Once you have placed your order, go to your Bitcoin wallet and scan the QR code on the Bitrefill page or paste the BTC address to complete the transaction.

  • After payment has been verified, your voucher code will be processed, and you can redeem it on the Amazon app.

There are other websites such as egifter that allow people to purchase Amazon gift card with Bitcoin. Although Amazon is yet to take a stance regarding the direct integration of Bitcoin on their e-commerce platforms, you can use any of the above-reviewed methods to pay for products using the digital currency.

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