Where to spend Ethereum / what can you buy with Ethereum?

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin. For this reason, it is widely used by a lot of cryptocurrency users. However, Ether (ETH) is mostly used by dApp users. The cryptocurrency is not used to purchase items or pay for goods and services. However, despite its limitation, an increasing number of online merchants are now accepting Ethereum as a means of payment.

Although Ethereum has garnered a lot of interest within the cryptocurrency world, a lot of users are not sure what to buy with ETH or how to spend the digital currency. There is a wide range of online merchants and offline stores that now accept Ethereum as a means of payment, and we will list some of them for you.

Why use Ethereum to pay for products and services?

Before we delve into the platforms that accept Ethereum as a form of payment, you need to know why you should use the cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency, only behind Bitcoin. Due to its large market cap, Ethereum is highly liquid. Thus, the Ethereum supply is always high, and there is a large market pool waiting to buy and sell the cryptocurrency.

In addition to its large market cap, Ether is easily accessible. You can purchase Ethereum from a wide range of platforms such as cryptocurrency exchanges, P2P crypto platforms, wallets, and more. You can buy Ethereum using your credit cards and electronic wallets from those platforms.

Thus, the ease at which you can access Ethereum and its large market cap means it is a perfect choice when paying for goods and services. Here is a list of merchants that accept Ethereum and what you can buy from those platforms.

Where to spend Ethereum

You can spend your ETH coins on any of the following platforms and purchase the goods and services available on the sites.

Ecommerce platforms:

  1. Overstock: an online e-commerce store where you can buy virtually everything you need
  2. com: an e-commerce store that accepts ETH
  3. Chicago Gem Shop: an online store that sells gems
  4. CoinPayShop: an e-commerce store that accepts ETH
  5. Digitec Galaxus: a Swiss e-commerce platform that allows Ether

Travel and booking services:

  1. com: a travel agency that accepts ETH for their services
  2. TapJets: book for private jets using ETH
  3. More Stamps Global: a travel agency that accepts ETH for their services

VPS and hosting services:

  1. com: you can pay for VPS hosting services here using ETH
  2. FlokiNet: to purchase cloud hosting and domain
  3. QHoster: a hosting and VPS service seller


  1. 1000 EcoFarms: pay for fresh farm products on this online store
  2. PizzaForCoins: use ETH to pay for Pizza


  1. Amagi Metals: accepts ETH for precious metals like Gold and Silver
  2. Bitgild: also accepts ETH for precious metals
  3. Cryptopet: pet accessories and other related products seller
  4. Ujo Music: pay for music with Ethereum
  5. Cryptoart: pay for handmade art with ETH
  6. eGifter: use ETH to buy gift cards

Other platforms accept Ethereum as a means of payment, but those listed above are some of the most popular ones.


Ether is widely known for being used by decentralized apps on the Ethereum network. However, the cryptocurrency is the second largest in terms of market cap and is accepted by a vast range of online merchants. Thus, the stores and platforms mentioned above accept Ether as a means of payment, and you can spend the cryptocurrency on those sites.

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