Where to use Ripple in 2020

Ripple (XRP) is the third-largest cryptocurrency, behind only Bitcoin and Ethereum. XRP has become a popular cryptocurrency due to the role it plays in the crypto space. The digital currency is an open-source protocol designed to enable fast and cheap transactions.

Ripple has rolled out a few solutions that have made it easier for financial institutions to carry out international transactions. XRP is useful in most of those solutions as the cryptocurrency is used to carry out most of those international transactions. Due to this, XRP has been associated with cross-border transactions carried out by financial institutions. Most people don’t know if XRP is used for regular transactions.

Use XRP for regular transactions

XRP has become synonymous with cross-border transactions by financial institutions. Several big banks and other financial entities across the globe are using XRP and Ripple solutions such as RippleNet and others to send funds to other countries within seconds.

Despite XRP’s use in cross-border transactions, the cryptocurrency is also used for regular transactions by users. An increasing number of merchants, stores, both online and offline, are now accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. XRP is one of the cryptocurrencies currently being accepted by a vast number of stores and merchants.

An increasing number of stores and merchants now accept XRP as a form of payment. It has become so easy to transact with XRP that you can send it via Twitter, using the XRPTipBot. The bot allows you to send XRP to someone using your Twitter account. In addition to that, you can also send the cryptocurrency via the Chrome browser. There is a Chrome extension that allows you to send XRP to someone else without having to use a wallet or a cryptocurrency exchange.

Which sites accept XRP?

Since XRP is widely used for regular transactions, we will mention some of the leading websites that accept the cryptocurrency as a means of payment.


Overstock is the largest e-commerce platform that accepts XRP as a means of payment. The platform, which is known for its cryptocurrency friendliness accepts XRP, LTC, BTC, ETH, and a wide range of other cryptocurrencies. The store sells a wide range of products, especially electronic products.


The Bitcoin.com online store is another famous merchant that accepts XRP. The website, which is dedicated to cryptocurrency users, accepts XRP, BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, and several other cryptocurrency as payment for the products it sells.


This payment processing company accepts XRP as payment for its services. The company also allows merchants to accept XRP and other cryptocurrencies as payment for their goods and services.

Spheroid Universe

Spheroid Universe is a platform dedicated to providing entertainment, games, advertising, and business in the world of planet Earth’s augmented reality. The company is known for accepting cryptocurrencies such as XRP, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and a few others as payment for its services.


HostingSSI is an IT service provider that offers services like web hosting, VPS hosting, and a few others. The company started accepting cryptocurrencies a few years ago and currently accepts XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and a few others.


The social media marketing company accepts XRP as payment for providing SMM and SEO services to its clients. The platform handles an elaborate social media marketing and SEO campaigns for clients, helping them build their social media tribe and website contents.


Snel is another web hosting company that offers dedicated and cloud hosting services. The company, which has been around for a few years now, is known for accepting cryptocurrencies. Some of the cryptos it accept include XRP, BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, DOGE, and a few others.


Redeeem is a trusted service to trade gift cards. They buy and sell gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy at a 10-20% discount. In addition to fiat currencies, Redeeem also accepts XRP, BTC, and a few other cryptocurrencies. You can purchase gift cards with XRP and use the gift cards to pay for goods on Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.

W Hamond

This is a jewelry store that has been around for over 150 years. The company started accepting cryptocurrencies a while back as it looks to attract customers from all walks of life. They accept XRP and a few other digital currencies as payment for their luxury products.


This platform sells gaming items such as ota2 skins, Rust skins, CSGO skins, Escape from Tarkov items, game keys, Steam keys, and more. GamerAll.com was established in 2015 and had been accepting cryptocurrencies since then. It accepts XRP as payment for the gaming items on its platform.

Unlike Bitcoin and Litecoin, XRP is not widely used for regular transactions due to its role as the primary cryptocurrency for cross border transactions. For this reason, the number of stores accepting XRP as a form of payment is not as much as those accepting BTC and LTC. However, there are hundreds of stores and businesses collecting XRP for their goods and services.


XRP is a popular cryptocurrency due to its role as a cross border transaction digital currency. However, it is still used for regular transactions, with hundreds of stores and online platforms across the globe currently accepting it as a means of payment.

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